• 5 Auto Collision Repair Myths Vs. Facts

    A collision is a stressful experience that could leave you with many frustrations. In addition to the stress, different auto collision repair myths could cause you to make impulsive and wrong decisions. Furthermore, such false beliefs potentially cost you time, finances, and safety. So, read on to understand the truth behind auto collision repair myths, so you don't fall victim. 1. Only Dealers Have Original Parts for Auto Collision Repairs
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  • 2 Common Causes Of Auto Body Damage

    Regardless of your driving experience or the type of car you own, auto body damage is always a possibility. Whether it's a small dent or a major collision, understanding the most common causes of auto body damage can help you be more prepared if something does happen. Take a look at the three most frequent causes of auto body damage below. Poor Driving Conditions Poor driving conditions can cause several problems for your vehicle.
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  • Four Essential Traits Of A Reliable Auto Body Collision Repair Shop

    You will need a reliable auto body collision repair shop when your new car is damaged or after you buy a used automobile. Settling for the cheapest alternative in the market might not be wise. Always prioritize quality that is delivered at friendly prices. The shop you select should have certified and experienced automobile technicians. They also need to have modern technology to offer services that can better guarantee you a safe drive.
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