Did You Side Swipe Your Car Backing Up? Get These Estimates Before Making A Claim

Posted on: 15 December 2022

If you accidentally side-swiped something backing out of your driveway and you aren't sure if you want to make an insurance claim, you want to get estimates for the damage. If price is a concern, it may be wise to get more than one estimate.

A vehicle that can be driven without any tire or alignment issues will be easy to get from one mechanic to another for inspections. If you have damage that makes driving difficult or unsafe, then you may have complications getting multiple quotes. Here are a few things to consider when you take the vehicle in.

Mechanical Inspection

A car can end up with mechanical concerns when side-swiped, even if you can only see damage on the outside. The impact could have crushed fluid containers, damaged sensors, shifted components under the hood, and more.

The mechanics will hook the vehicle up to their diagnostic computer system to provide a full mechanical inspection when you take the vehicle in to assess the body damage. This way you know that the vehicle is safe to drive when the auto body repairs are completed.

Auto Body Estimate

The estimate for the auto body work that needs to be completed should be detailed. To restore the value of your car, you need the car to look like it did before the accident. Be sure the estimate includes:

  • Dent and scratch repairs
  • Painting
  • Panel replacement if needed
  • Hardware repairs

You want everything to look perfect when you pull that car out of the auto body repair shop. If the vehicle has substantial damage to one area, the repair professional may want to get a panel from a local junkyard and paint it to match the vehicle. This could be easier than trying to repair scratches and dents.

Talk with the auto body repair service professional about options to protect your car from scratches and blemishes after it's freshly painted. Ceramic coating is a great way to extend the paint and look of your vehicle.

Once you have the estimates for all the work that needs to be completed to restore your vehicle, you can decide if you want to make an insurance claim and pay the deductible. Until the mechanics can get under the hood and see the vehicle in person, they won't be able to provide an accurate and detailed estimate for all the repairs needed for full restoration.

Call an auto body repair shop for details.


Visiting The Right Shop For Auto Body Work

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