2 Signs That Mean Your Car's Wheels Are Out Of Alignment

Posted on: 8 May 2019

If you have noticed that your tires are wearing down shortly after replacing them, you may start to suspect that your car is out of alignment. However, if you are still not completely sure, look for the following signs while you are driving that mean that your car's wheels are no longer in alignment. 1.  Tires Squeal Whenever You Make a Sharp Turn Normally, when you make a sharp turn with your car, your wheels adjust themselves to ensure that the movement stays smooth and the friction between the tread and the pavement remains even.
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3 Reasons To Let A Professional Tackle Your Car's Hail Damage

Posted on: 19 February 2019

After a severe storm, it's disheartening to discover that hail from the weather event damaged your vehicle. You may be tempted to tackle the repairs yourself, in hopes of saving money preventing a claim from going on your auto insurance. However, it's best to let a pro fix your car's hail damage for the following reasons. 1. Your Car Might Have More Damage Than Expected It's a common occurrence for auto owners to mistakenly believe that the damage to their vehicles is relatively minor.
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Tips For Safely Removing Auto Emblems To Prepare For Paint

Posted on: 17 October 2018

Doing some of the prep-work to get your car ready for body work or a paint job will help to decrease the overall cost of the project. When you take your car in for something like this, you are charged an hourly rate for the services being provided – so, if you do some of the work yourself before you take the car in for service, you'll cut the cost of the service.
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Flat Tires Versus Blown Tires On Heavy Equipment

Posted on: 29 August 2016

In truth, you should fix flat tires and blown tires if you ever want to drive your heavy equipment again. However, when given the option, you should want to fix the flats to avoid the blown tires. Here are the differences between these two commonly confused terms and why it is better to fix a flat tire before it turns into a fully-blown tire. Fixing a Flat As heavy as heavy construction trucks and equipment are, that is how much weight their massive tires have to support every day.
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