5 Auto Collision Repair Myths Vs. Facts

Posted on: 20 September 2022

A collision is a stressful experience that could leave you with many frustrations. In addition to the stress, different auto collision repair myths could cause you to make impulsive and wrong decisions. Furthermore, such false beliefs potentially cost you time, finances, and safety. So, read on to understand the truth behind auto collision repair myths, so you don't fall victim.

1. Only Dealers Have Original Parts for Auto Collision Repairs

The basis of the myth above is quite understandable but not valid. Whereas the official dealer has direct access to genuine parts, dealers aren't the only people who can get original spare parts.

The truth is that most collision repair shops can order OEM parts with or without direct affiliation with the manufacturer. Besides, many credible auto collision repair shops can access the necessary parts.

2. Insurance Covers All Auto Collision Repair Costs

If someone else caused the collision, the at-fault party's insurance company would pay for all your collision repair bills. Nonetheless, if you are at fault, you might have to pay a given excess payment to cover the auto collision repair. So, always study your insurance policy to know all requirements, changes, and updates.

3. You Must Use the Repair Shop Your Insurer Recommends

Insurance companies usually recommend various shops for your auto collision repair. The recommendations can make your selection of a collision repair shop faster. Nonetheless, you are allowed to choose the auto body shop your desire.

By law, your insurance company pays for the collision repair according to your policy, no matter the shop you choose.

4. Collision Repairs Don't Restore Your Vehicle's Original Condition

A common misconception is that your car can never be the same after a collision. Nonetheless, the truth is that credible shops have highly trained technicians and suitable tools for auto collision repairs. So, auto body repair technicians can restore your vehicle to pre-accident condition with OEM guidelines.

Besides, most major auto repair procedures are specific to your vehicle and repair your car exactly as the manufacturer would want.

5. You Only Receive One Insurance Check

When you must submit your first claim, you only have an estimate and not the exact repair cost. The repair shop can't give you the final figure before the repair. The reason is that your vehicle may have damage that wasn't visible in the initial appraisal. When such happens, you should request your insurer to have the damage reappraised so you can get coverage for the complete repair.


Now you understand the truth behind top auto collision repair myths. So, you are better positioned to choose wisely between your auto bodywork options. Talk to an auto collision repair professional for more information. 


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