Steps To Take When Carrying Out Hail Damage Repair On Your Vehicle

Posted on: 18 May 2021

An instant hailstorm can damage your car's surface, leaving nasty dents. You cannot prevent the effects of harsh weather, but there's something you can do to repair the dents. Here are a couple of helpful steps if you want to perform hail damage repair on your car.

How to Repair Hail Damage on your Vehicle

Cooling and Heating Technique

  • Using Desiccated Ice

If you want to repair minor dents on the surface of your car, apply desiccated ice to them. The massive temperature change makes the dents protrude outward. Move the ice around the dented spots to cool the area quickly.

  • Park Your Car in a Sunny Location

If you're a car fanatic, you know that parking your vehicle in a sunny spot is an efficient hail damage repair method. The metal expands due to heat. The minor dents pop out when the surface of the car expands.

A Dent Fixing Kit Comes in Handy

If your vehicle's bonnet has minor dents, a repair kit can be an easy and cheap option. Just visit any auto supply store in your locality to purchase these kits for hail repair.

Usually, each kit comprises a glue gun, a knockdown device, and numerous items for diverse-sized dents. A repair kit can be a great solution. You'll be amazed at the results it produces.

The steps above are helpful if your car's surface has minor dents. However, if it has deep dents or the surface is damaged, visit a garage for professional hail damage repair. Here are the steps to take.

Contact your Insurance Firm

With comprehensive insurance, damage caused by hail is covered. Your insurance company shouldn't increase the rate when you file a claim. The firm may recommend you to a specific shop. However, you can take your car for repair to your preferred garage.

Have the Hail Damage Repair Done Immediately

The damaged area can start rusting if you take a long time to repair it. You can stop this if you instantly take your car to the garage.

Let a Seasoned Professional do the Repair

If your car has deep dents, take it to an expert at a garage because this is where it'll get the best repair. The hail damage repair charges will be catered to by your insurance firm.


It's advisable to shelter your car in case a hailstorm comes down. Nonetheless, it may get stuck in a storm and develop dents. Get it fixed as fast as possible to stop further damage.


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