3 Common Types Of Vehicle Dents

Posted on: 14 August 2020

When the average person looks at a dent, they simply see an imperfection. However, not all dents are the same. Often, how the damage occurred to the vehicle will depict what type of dent the vehicle sustained, and ultimately, how the dent needs to be repaired. If you have damage to your vehicle, learn a little more about classifying dents.

1. Creased

A creased dent often looks just as it sounds, in that it looks like a crease. This type of damage is most often the result of an object that is dragged along the side of the vehicle. Consider a scenario where a driver was pulling out of their garage and their child's bike was parked too closely to the vehicle, for instance. 

As the driver pulls out, if the handlebar is pressing into the vehicle, as the vehicle continues to backup, the handlebar will continue to drag along the side of the car. As a result, the area where the handlebar made contact with the vehicle will dent in and form a crease like formation. 

2. Rounded

A rounded dent also appears just as it sounds, in that the point of contact almost resembles a circle. The most common type of rounded dent is hail damage. If someone were to toss a baseball at your vehicle, it might sustain the same type of damage. 

Rounded dents are somewhat unique because the damage to the vehicle is often more widespread than the size of the object that hit the vehicle. Take hail, for instance. When hail hits a vehicle, the size of the dent is often much longer than the hail itself. As a result, rounded dents tend to be more widespread and can require more significant repairs.

3. Sharp

Another form of dent that you should look out for is sharp dents. A sharp dent is generally more pointed. Sharp dents are often the result of some form of a collision. For example, if one vehicle was to collide with another vehicle, the dent that is left would likely have a sharp appearance. 

A shopping cart that slams into a vehicle might also create the same type of damage. A sharp dent is very important to repair because, given its shape, the dent is almost always guaranteed to damage the paint and leave the vehicle vulnerable to further damage. 

It does not matter what type of dent you have in your vehicle; an auto dent removal company can help correct the damage and restore your vehicle to its original appearance. Contact a repair company for assistance.


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