Need Body Work Done On Your Car? Three Ways To Be More Informed About The Process

Posted on: 3 May 2016

If you need to have body work done on your car following an accident, it can seem as if you don't have to think much about it, especially if you've got insurance coverage for the vehicle. However, to ensure that the work is completed in a way that is timely and proper, you'll need to be informed about the following things to best select the appropriate body shop for the repairs.

Get Estimates from Shops That Your Insurance Carrier Does Not Recommend

One of the things you must know right away is that you have no obligation to use a shop that your insurance carrier suggests. Many people assume that they have to get their body work done in a particular place, but that is not true. While your insurance carrier might have relationships with certain shops because a number of customers have gone there or another reason, you are free to have your car repaired anywhere you would like.

Therefore, seek out estimates from many shops in your local area. You may discover that a recommended body shop comes up with the lowest estimate and you use them anyway, but finding out for sure may end up saving you a good deal of cash.

Learn More About the Shop's Current Workload

Of course, you probably want to be certain that you can drive your car again as soon as you can. This can be the case even if your insurance policy allows you to drive a rental car while the car is being fixed, as there might be a limit to the number of days you can rent the car. Before you make a decision about what shop to use, it's a smart idea to get a concrete idea of how long you'll be waiting.

Make a Decision Regarding Aftermarket Parts

To cut costs, some auto body mechanics make use of so-called "aftermarket" parts when replacing parts of your car. Aftermarket parts are generally not created by the manufacturer of your vehicle; they are typically made by other companies in the industry. While these parts might be comparable to those made by your vehicle's manufacturer in terms of function, they can be acquired from a variety of places, including local salvage yards, and may not have the same quality standards.

These parts are usually more affordable, so you might be satisfied with having them put into your car, but you may want to stick with parts that were specifically made for it. Decide how you feel about aftermarket parts and then be certain to ask body shops about what kinds of parts they use. That way you can select an appropriate shop.

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Visiting The Right Shop For Auto Body Work

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