Get Rid Of Undercarriage Rust On Your Truck

Posted on: 17 October 2015

If you have spotted rust on the undercarriage of your truck, you need to act as soon as possible. Rust can easily spread and destroy the metal undercarriage of your truck. However, with a little knowledge about how to jack up a truck, a few simple supplies and a little time, you can prevent this from happening to your vehicle.

Set Up The Truck

First, you need to park your truck on a solid, flat surface. You need to make sure that the parking brake is engaged. Then, you need to raise your truck up by placing jacks under the frame near the front tires. You should also place wood or brick blocks under the rear tires to ensure that your truck does not move. You are going to need to have easy access to the undercarriage.

Remove The Rust

Once your truck is elevated, you are going to need to get under it and remove the rust. You should put on protective eyewear to keep falling debris out of your eyes and you should also wear a mask.

Take a stiff wire brush and use it to loosen up the rust on the underside of the carriage. Work the stiff brush around all the rusty areas, scrubbing until the rust is gone. This could take a considerable amount of time depending on how much rust you have to remove.

After you have removed all the rust, you can use a high-pressured water hose to clean away the rust. If you choose to do this step, you will have to wait for the undercarriage to dry before proceeding.

Apply Grease And Wax Remover

Once the underside of your truck is dry again, you are going to need to apply a grease and wax remover to a rag. Then, use the rag to work off any remaining rust that is under your truck. If there is any grease or wax under your truck, you should also use the rag to remove that as well.

Apply An Anti-Rust Coating

Now that you have removed all the rust, you need to make sure that more rust does not take its place by applying an anti-rust coating to the undercarriage of your truck. You should use a paint brush to apply a coat of an anti-rust coating to your truck. Make sure that you apply it to all sides and angles of your undercarriage.

Let it dry according to the directions on the package, then get back under your truck and apply a second coat.

When the anti-rust coat is dry, the undercarriage of your truck should look black. The coating should create a protective layer between any moisture it will encounter and the metal underneath it. This will stop more rust from developing.

You may need a day or two to complete this project since you are going to need to let the undercarriage dry after you rinse it off and between each layer of anti-rust coating. Although you may be without your truck for a day or two, it will be time well-spent when you save the undercarriage of your vehicle. For more information on auto body repair, contact a company like Auto Body By Duie LLC.


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