How To Fix Paint Chips Like A Pro

Posted on: 9 October 2015

Paint chips are an inevitable part of driving on freeways, especially near construction. Of course, there is nothing you can do about a paint chip except fix it as soon as possible. Many people choose to ignore small paint chips at first, because they are so small and hard to even see. However, if you wait too long, the chip can grow and rust can even start to form underneath the paint. This is why you should learn to spot and fix paint chips on your car as soon as you notice them. This article explains how to do this like a pro.

Using Touch Up Paint

For small paint chips that are smaller than a penny, you can pretty much fix the problem on your own without patching it. All you really need is the right paint. Go to the dealership to get factory replacement paint. Most dealerships sell factory paint in small cans that are designed for just this type of usage. They are perfect for paint chips because they have a small applicator (like a tiny brush) built into the lid. This makes application easy and clean. The touch up paint has primer mixed so you don't need to buy it separately.

Patching Slightly Large Holes

If the scratch or hole is large than a penny, you should patch the area with auto body filler patch. Auto filler is fairly common and can be purchased at most home improvement or auto parts stores. You will also need to pick up some auto sandpaper. Auto sandpaper is wet paper, meaning it needs to be moist during the sanding. First, you should lightly sand a small perimeter around the damaged area. This lightly rubs off the glossy finish of the existing paint. It creates a better surface for the patch to stick to.

You will then need to apply the patch to the paint chip. Then, you will need to sand down the dried patch to make it perfect. Remember, auto sandpaper needs to be moist to prevent scratching the car paint. Work on the patch until it is perfectly uniform with the original curves of the car body.

This project will not take too much time, unless you have a ton of paint chips on your car. As you learn the process you, will get more comfortable and start to work quicker. Learning this simple task could end up saving a lot of money because it will prevent rust formation.  

If you feel you cannot accomplish this on your own, or if the paint damage is extensive, consider contacting a professional auto body paint shop to assist you in repairs. 


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